General Information

CTWW (short for Custom Tracks Worldwide) is a feature in CTGP-7 allowing mod users to play custom tracks online. CTWW is enabled by default and can be accessed by just going online.

To disable CTWW, press Y in the online menu and you will be able to play vanilla races with custom tracks disabled.

CTGP-7 Server

The mod uses a custom server in order to handle the CTWW status view, kicks, stats and other stuff. This information is sent by your console in the background and can be seen in the CTGP-7 Discord Server.

CTGP-7 Console ID

In order to tell your console appart from others, a unique console ID is used through all CTGP-7 Server communications. This ID consists of 0x plus 16 symbols from 0 to 9 and A to F. The ID is a hash derived from a series of other console unique IDs tied to your NAND chip (since it is a hash, it cannot be used in reverse to obtain your private IDs). You can treat the CTGP-7 Console ID as your "friend code" specific for the mod.

You can get your CTGP-7 Console ID from the ingame menu.

CTWW Rules

CTWW has a series of rules so everybody can play safely and enjoy the game:

  1. Names containing profanity, insults or any other kind offensive, inappropiate or annoying words are not allowed.
    • This also includes impersonation of other CTGP-7 users.
  2. Miis who represent personalities which may be offensive to other users or have commited severe crimes are not allowed.
  3. Repeatedly using exploits that are disruptive or give you advantage over other players is not allowed. If you find such exploit please report it in the CTGP-7 server. For example:
    • Using hacks or cheats (instant perma-ban).
    • Using "ultrashortcuts" in custom tracks, or any other unintended glitches that give advantage.
    • Using multiple consoles to help you obtain VR points (VR grinding).
    • Teaming with other users to get strategical advantage, unless fomented by the current game mode or ongoing event.
  4. Trolling is not allowed unless it is fomented by the current game mode or gives you a strategical advantage. For example:
    • Do not turn around to hit the same player multiple times with an item if it does not give you any advantage (item trolling).
    • Do not purposely stay laps behind in order to hit other players with powerful items if it does not give you any advantage (lap trolling).
If you are found breaking any of this rules you will be given a warning, be temporarily banned from CTWW and/or your VR will get reduced. While permanent bans are rare, repeated severe offenses will cause them.

Privacy Notice

All the activity and requests your console does related to CTWW is logged. This is done so we can properly moderate CTWW online play. The logged contents include your CTGP-7 Console ID and Mii name. By using CTWW, you agree that the Staff members can see this information (which will be always kept private).