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Made by Skylar McCauley aka TheHacker#9367

How do I install CTGP-7?

To install CTGP-7, visit the GameBanana Mod Page.

Does CTGP-7 work on Citra3DS emulator?

You will need to repack the romfs. However, you will not have access to features like CC Selector or Updates and we do not provide assistance for Citra.

Where can I find the download for the CTGP-7 installer?

The installer can be found here.

Does CTGP-7 work with local wireless play?

Yes, CTGP-7 does work with Local Play. You can either use a modded 3DS to host a Download Play room or have all modded systems connect with their copy of CTGP-7.

My saves are all gone! What do I do?

Your save files are still there. CTGP-7 does not use your regular MK7 save data. You need to backup your save using Checkpoint, then copy your save backup to SD: CTGP-7/savefs/

How do I launch CTGP-7 with NTR?

CTGP-7uses a modified version of NTR to prevent cheating. If you want to stream via NTR, press X in the CTGP-7 launcher.

I'm having trouble with the config.ini for adding custom characters!

You must edit the config.ini file with Notepad++ not Notepad.exe

How can I contribute to this FAQ?

You can open a pull request on the GitHub Repo.

My question/issue isn't answered here.

If your question isn't answered, you can ask for help here on the CTGP-7 Discord Server.


  • PabloMK7 for creating this awesome mod